The sun set pierces through the evening sky over the dry dusty mountainous edge of the desert rock,

Goodnight whispers a yawning sun.

And fades into the background allowing the stars to take their place in the warm welcoming Egyptian night sky.

The air is still pleasing on my bare shoulders, caressing me with gentle warm kisses.

I lie down on an old blanket placed on the desert floor and look at the expanse of now brightly scattered stars filling the darkness with dots of the most beautiful light.

Never have I seen anything more stunning and my breath is stolen away.

I raise my hand to touch the stars that look so big, so bright so close.

There’s something so familiar about this place that fills my heart with peace.

I belong here.


And then,

A lightening bolt of awareness makes me sit up,

As I see through the eyes of another.

Far away in the distance there is crying,

A wailing,

A sadness,

I don’t know from where it comes,

I don’t know from who it cries,

But I know now that not everything is as it once seemed.

For in this beautiful place there is great suffering.

Tears fall from my eyes for the people who are living in oppression, injustice and fear. My heart is filled with compassion and love but also sorrow.

I want to reach out to them like I did to the stars. But I am only small.

So I bow down and I pray,

Please Father help them. Help us to help them. I don’t know them but I love them. They are hurting, afraid and alone. We are all brothers and sisters. Help us live in peace. Help us love one another. We need you.

The sun set pierces the sky once more. Goodnight whispers a yawning sun with a tear escaping his love filled heart. Goodnight.


I mewn i’ch calon gwyllt


Caewch eich llygaid,

Crwydrwch i mewn i’ch calon gwyllt.

Gadewch i fynd a symud gyda rhythm bywyd.

Teimlwch bob curiad yn eich cludiant calon yn bell o’r cysgodion.

Arnofiwch yn y tonnau a chyrraedd y lan.

Byddwch yn harddwch y goleuni,

Gwybyddwch y gyfrinach gwirionedd sydd wedi’i guddio y tu mewn i’ch enaid hiraethus.

Agorwch eich calon i ddod o hyd i’r trysor o fewn.

Gwelwch yr heddwch.

Gweld y cariad.

Gweler y nefoedd.

Yn ddwfn yn eich calon gwyllt gwyllt.


At his feet

love light



At His feet,

Close enough to feel the life in His breath.

Breath that warms the core,

The world disappears.

He is more than this world.

More than anything that can be imagined.

Each word that comes from His heart penetrates through the invisible layers of the soul,

And nothing else matters.

He is the truth beyond what can be seen with eyes alone.

He is the beginning and end.

Fountain of life,

Reaching out and inviting us to tune in to His pure heart.

And feel the spirit moving within us like the wind,

With Soft kisses of light that builds into an explosion of love,

The waves roar,

Expanding the heart,

Extending the soul.

Heaven is revealed,

Here and now.







Witnesses of the one true love

The busy world keeps moving,

Frantically striving,

Wants, desires,

More, more more!

So much Noise.

Too much noise.


And yet…..

The trees are still.

And the mountains wait,

And the sea is calm,

And the wind stops blowing,

The sky is quiet,

And the streams stop streaming,

As they pause,

And weep,

With Peter.

Shhhhhhhhh be still.


Be still,


Witnesses of the one true love.

Light on the marsh


Photo taken From the Marsh, near St. David’s church, Wernffrwd. 


Crisp cold,

The whirling wild wind blows,

The marsh lets me be who I am,

In the daylight I’m surrounded by the deepest blue skies, heavenly shaped clouds and the sun light that reveals the beauty in the smallest blade of grass.

At night I walk deep into the wilderness but it’s harder to See.

Without stopping to focus, I might just see darkness. I might feel that I’m alone.

But I know what has been revealed in the light.

And in stillness I wait silently.

First, The moon reveals itself in the reflection of the stream of running water.

Then the stars come alive and dance with the wind. A shooting star bursts from the heavens and strikes my heart like lightning.

Now that my senses are ignited I know that I’m not alone here!

I hear the Music of marsh in the song of birds and night creatures that come out to play,

I don’t want to be anywhere else right now, but right here,

Because, Beyond the limits of human eyes,

Even in the darkness,

Although a little distorted at first,

I see,

What is real!

What is!

Light on the Marsh.

I am yours


thumbnail (1)

Deep within,

There’s a voice in my heart that calls me,

A silent voice,

A knowing voice,

And I wish that I could always trust in that knowing,

And never let the fear in,

But I sometimes find myself outside looking in,

To the home where I long to be,

Where I was only hours before,

So close that I feel it, touch and breathe it,

But separated once more by anxiety,

Letting it creep all over me,

Threatening to take me under.

But that Voice is always with me,

And I’m stilled into silence by a friend, long enough to hear,

The One question that stirs inside my soul and reminds me of the truth,

Who are you?

The light comes flooding back through the path that I’ve opened.

I am your child and you love me.

I am, yours.




Picture taken in Treboeth Swansea, by Caru777 xx  Nuhra xxx


Flowing tenderly,

Enlightening us to the deepest truth,

Moving From heart to heart,

Seeping through the cracks,

Illuminating truth and Bridging a path for love,

Binding us together,

To see one another,

As brothers and sisters,

And beloved children,

Of God.


Heaven Cries!


Small children of God,

Your innocent souls hunger for peace and love,

Trapped in the darkness of poverty and a war that you did not start,

Heaven shudders in pain.

So young, you have experienced unimaginable misery.

Hate, revenge and greed pay no mind to your cries,

To them you are but the dust of life,

For they have poisoned man with anger.

And while they celebrate their successful win,

With their man made walled hearts,

They shut you out to die.

Little children who have lost so much, how you mourn.

Heaven cries when your innocent souls are caught up in this world of pain.

Forgotten by the world,

Victims of circumstance,

You feel alone and unloved.

But in the depths of this sadness please know that you are loved.

There is a light that is stronger than the darkness.

And you are so precious that all the angels in heaven know your names.

He who loves each and every one of you is holding your hand and weeping,

For he feels every tear that falls from your sorrowful eyes,

He who was also a refugee,

Is here with you,

Let him hold you,

He will never leave you!

And Until there is peace on earth,

Heaven Cries!


Crying under water

Let the tears fall into salty waves,

Crying under water,

When the dreams once dreamed have faded away,

Crying under water,

In the deepest seas and the darkest caves, in the loneliness of life,

When the world is loud and there’s nothing to say,

Hear them Crying underwater.

And The angels sing the most beautiful song,

And the trees sway in delight,

The moon and stars come out to shine and dance throughout the night,

The gentle breeze, with heaven’s touch moves slowly through the air,

But the tears still fall into salty waves,

Crying under water.

Crying all the pain,

Crying all the love,

Tears will fall into salty waves,

Crying under water.

Looking towards the Sun


When We meet,

It’s like waking up to the most beautiful sunrise even when it’s night.

Released from the dark world of illusions,

I return to you.

I look towards the Sun,

I feel the sunbeams stroke my face, and your rays move gently through my hair,

Love light fills my heart and nothing else seems more important than being here with you,

Only one thing is needed.

To know,

I am your child,

You love me,

And you are always with me.

Even though sometimes I get things wrong.

I know

The Sun will keep rising.


Please may I share some light with you from the beautiful words of  DESMOND Tutu, A Vision for hope for our time. 

“DEAR CHILD OF God, in our world it is often hard to remember that God loves you just as you are. God loves you not because you are good. No, God loves you, period. God loves us not because we are lovable. No, we are lovable precisely because God loves us. It is marvelous when you come to understand that you are accepted for who you are, apart from any achievement. It is so liberating.”

Desmond Tutu


God bless x


Now I Am!


Just below the blue cloudy sky,

I sit and watch,

The ocean,

That seems to span as far as eternity,

or as far as I can see,

The air is cold but I Am warm,

 I AM not separate,

I AM here,



I can only be.

Time is nothing.

Now is everything.

I feel the soft cold wintery sand below me and I cherish the feel of frozen icy kisses on my face,  my cheeks, my neck.

I smell the pungent salty seaweed and the air is saturated with a smoky fragrance drifting from a beautiful group of friends conversing over a small fire.

I see God’s children.


How can you love someone you have never met.

I do.

I can.

We all can.

Because He first loved us.

Love and laughter floats through the air and touches my open sandy soul.

I hear the sea roaring  like a dragon who is at the depths of ecstasy and releases a crescendo of love that races towards me,

I greet it with a smile,

My Head thrusts back and my body tenses as I let my soul feel your tuth,

Right now,

I AM one,

Like a camera I can capture each second, each moment and  I live it,

I Am alive,



My body feels everything, my soul is flying,

I need release!


I join You!

I am one with you,

I run with the wind,

I let the waves take me,

I disappear.

Into the now,

Into life,

Into the real.

I Am!




Come to me like a child.




Here from the beginning.


The word.

And ‘The reason why’, The light keeps shining in the darkness and the darkness has never been able to put the light out.

I feel your light. I sense your loving presence in the most inner place at the core of my heart. I want to be with you. ‘I know where you are Iesu, but How do I get there?’

“Come to me like a child!” I feel you say.

A child appears with a key around her neck. She’s friendly. She’s patient with me. And she is full of wisdom.  She says, “Let me guide you home. I know the way.”

The child doesn’t speak whilst I follow her but she moves through the layers with ease.  After each layer is peeled away I feel lighter until we stop behind a transparent door.

And on the other side, I see YOU Iesu.

You don’t look like the You from the books and the pictures that I’ve seen but I completely recognise you.

Overwhelmed, I clasp my mouth and I cry.

Warm tears of love flow.

And I see a tear escape from your eye.

We stand there for a while, just being. Just seeing.

You gesture for me to enter.

But when I try to open the door it is locked.

Then I remember the child. The child has the key. Where is the child?

The child has disappeared, nowhere to be seen.

I look back up to see you pointing towards my heart. Around my neck is the same key that the child wore. In this moment I know that it’s always been there.


Again, smiling, you gesture for me to enter, and whisper “Come in to the kingdom child,  you’ve been here before, You know who you are, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I reply, as more tears fall from my eyes.

I unlock the door and I fall into your arms.

And you hold me.

In silence.

For This love is beyond words.

I have descended from my mind to the centre of my being.

And I had the key all along.

‘Come to me like a child!’

Anam Cara



When I look into your eyes I see a warmth and light brighter than the Sun.

A place beyond words,

Beyond time,

Beyond life as we know it.

Waves of love infinitely form and crash,

And a river forms into a whirlpool that spirals in to the deepest deep.

peace, calm, stillness.

Here, Is a child, untouched by the world with a wholeness and wisdom that can only be bestowed upon by God himself.

And yet there is also vulnerability.

For deep within you,

You know that you depend on God, just like a baby depends on its mother to feed. Your soul feeds from the living water and the bread of life. 

There are no unfreedoms here.

When I’m close to you,

feel God,

I feel your soul radiating,

With my eyes open, or closed

I see you.

I recognise your soul,

This recognition helps me to see the light and love in my own soul and brings me home.

In the silence between words I see you,

                         Anam Cara



God within

How is it that you have the gentlest touch and yet you can move mountains?

How is it that you are above and below behind and within me?

You see me as I truly am,

Naked and exposed,

I sometimes hide myself from others but I can’t hide from you!

I can’t be lost to you because you see everything but I sometimes lose myself!

And even then you are closer to me than a kiss.

I shout out ‘Where are you father, I need you.?’

And when I stop, I remember you are here. In the core of my heart.

I feel you and I can breathe in life once more.

I say to you, “Father, where were you?”

And you say, ‘Child I was always here, it was you who left!’

and I know it’s true.

For you are within me.

When I come before you, open and broken,

You heal my deepest wounds.

You reveal my soul and I find my most inner self.

I experience your light and love in the deepest depths of my knowing,

and my heart is full of gratitude,

for you have blessed me with eyes to see that you are Light, You are love, and you are God.

Love from  your Caru ♥️♥️♥️

It touched him



He was walking in the woods with his old guitar,

And the autumn leaves danced around his long woven hair and they touched him,

Like falling snow they touched him.

He sat and watched the flow of the quiet stream,

He prayed in deep silence on his aging  knees,

And it touched him,

Heaven touched him.

His heart had felt the years of pain,

and his face looked so much wiser,

but deep inside his soul he was still a boy.

So he played his music to the earth,

And the sun shone down and warmed his heart as it touched him,

Like a blazing kiss it touched him.

When he looked at life he could see the real,

A beauty that stilled his mind,

And the flow of God moved through and through his being.

Again, he played his music to the earth,

and he prayed with tune but no words were heard,

When it touched him,

Yes, Heaven touched him.

My beautiful sister in Christ

The first time I saw you I noticed how bright you shone,

Your voice so soft and and full of wisdom,

I loved you from the start.

From that very first meeting in Living faith,

I knew we were meant to be friends.

Sometimes two souls bond and there will always be a connection.

Your eyes glistened and revealed God,

I thought maybe you were an Angel.

Maybe you are.

You broke down all the boundaries and held me like a child,

but you always directed me to God.

You clasped my hand when I was afraid and showed me love when I felt rejected and low.

You called me your sister in Jesus.

And you taught me how to be still.

We danced Together

We laughed together,

We cried and showed our vulnerabilities to one another,

When you got sick, you fell into my arms and I held you.

I didn’t want to let you go.

But we had to let go.

And a year ago, I was heart broken when I found out you parted from this world.

It still hurts my heart and tears still flow.

But now when I close my eyes I see your smile.

When I close my eyes, I see you enter the church and instantly we see each other. We run to each other and embrace. My heart lights up.

I know you are always here.

You are still beautiful,

You always will be.

And I will never forget you.

My precious friend.

I love you Lynne, always

From your sister in Christ x

Let me be

Photo taken by caru777 at Caswell Bay, Swansea, Wales

Let me be who I am,

Let me fly freely through the winds of heaven,

I am soaring through the depths of life,

Please don’t stop me!

Can you see my wings?

Look closely!

You already know don’t you?

It’s already within you.

You have wings too!

so come and fly with me.

But if you don’t want to to take that leap,

I’ll love you where you are!

Please don’t hold me down!

Let me be, let me fly!

Can you feel the fire within me?

It burns through me like the sun and tattoos my soul with love.

My lips are scorched with words.

Words that are not my own, but are more precious than anything that I could imagine.

Let me bathe in truth.

Truth is my home.

It’s where I belong,

It’s where I’m from.

Please don’t make me pretend,

Don’t tie me down!

Let me be free,

Let me be who I am,

Love me where I am,


Let me be!

Light in the small church.

Bitter cold evening,

Stars stretching across the dark infinite sky,

The marsh is quiet tonight.

But there is light shining from a small church.

Inside this holy place, four children of God gather.

“Why have you come here?” Asks the priest.

But I know it’s you asking ABBA.

“Why have you come here?”

I close my eyes and I feel you so strongly.

I’m grateful for this moment,

I’m thankful that you love me so much.

And Who am I? I’m no one. I’m not important!

But that’s not how you see me.

I’m your precious Child.

And deep in my heart I shout out to you, I’m here! I’m here because you see me. I’m here because I see you; not all of you but I see enough to know that I need you. Enough to know that you are love. You are freedom, you are peace, you are relationship and you are my ABBA. I’m here to be fed. Only you can feed me with life. I’m here because deep within my soul, I hear you calling me.

And I’m here to be with my brothers and sisters who have their own beautiful relationships with you. I wonder if they too are shouting out in the silence of their hearts. I see them through your eyes. They are beautiful. They are your children. My heart smiles.

Together we pray. We embrace one another in peace. Our souls are fed and you are right here with us. Always.

When we part I walk back out into the cold night and I look up at the stars. You are out here too ABBA. You are always here.

“Why are you here?” You whisper in the wind.

I breathe you in and I whisper back, “I’m here ABBA because I love you!”

And deep in the centre of my soul, I feel your smile.

Heaven’s Torch

Taken in Aberdare country park. In the inbetweeness I saw this love light.
Heaven’s Torch shines through all creation.
And like a mirror Creation reflects God’s love light.
Just Like A sea horse,
In the deep silent waters,
Diligently dancing with his mate to be one,
Tangled together in harmony.
And then a miracle! New life!
Or like A catus,
Judged by the world for its prickly exterior,
Until one day,
A mesmerising but simple flower appears which allows it to be seen as it truly is. Beautiful.
Or in the relationships of God’s children,
Where souls embrace,
And Brothers and sisters come together,
Seeing beyond what eyes can see,
An awareness of God within one another,
Soul dancing,
Love Illuminated by Heaven’s Torch.

The soul



The soul

There is a space where light is more than light,


More than more.

Pure life,

Like a newborn.

With heaven’s Wisdom,

Surrounded by layers Of Inbetweeness.

A channel that connects a divine current,

The relationship,

Creating  oneness.

Exuding a flow that travels to the centre,

Expanding the core,

And generating a ripple,

That moves through and through the whole self,




The Soul.


+ God +

I love you

A child,

I thought I was free,

But I met with pain,

When they called me ugly.

They made me listen,

While they mocked,

While they laughed,

And taunted my being.

But You told me You loved me,

 You made me beautiful,

You taught me how to see,

And I felt my own soul.

You opened my heart,

And you smiled at me.

You gave me your coat,

And wrapped your love around me.

 And Through the sun, you kissed my lips,

Through the sky you made my soul fly,

Through the trees you you took my hand to dance,

You never left my side.

And I loved you.

 I Still love you.



I was before,

But now I am,


I stand,

On this uncertain path,

So risky,

On the edge,


In discerning,

I hear you calling!

My heart hears,

Your song,

Your silent whisper,

Through and through,

I hear you.

You say,


Trust me!

Lean on me!

The time will come!

And you will know!

But for now listen and,


Come with me to this quiet place,

A prayerful space,

Where the water flows from eternity,

And the wonder of distant stars,

Shining through the shadow like leaves,

Stills you,

So You’ll know that I am God!


Will you pick up your cross?

When I chose to pick up my cross on the road to Golgotha,
Do you not think that I could have turned away from this plan?
Do you not think that I had the power within me to take revenge on the ones that persecuted me?
Or to simply disappear and live a worldly life, in ignorance?
When I chose to pick up my cross on the road to Golgotha,
Do you not think temptation surrounded me?
That I could have let in the hate and the darkness and the fear?
I could have followed the desires of my humanity?
But when I chose to pick up my Cross that day and everyday before and after,
I chose love,
Divine love,
To follow my father’s plan,
Our divine plan,
To endure pain, and humility,
To sacrifice myself,
To save the ones that I love.
For the truth to be opened and revealed.
So will you meet me at the road that leads to Golgotha?
Can you let go of your grip on this world?
Can you put down your fears?
Let go of control?
And put your trust in me?
Can you detach from your dependence on your loved ones?
Can you open your heart to the truth?
Nobody can do this walk for you!
But I’ll help you see it through.
Will you break your hold on these worldly desires?
Will you deny yourself? Endure pain?
I will always be here by your side,
Follow me and don’t be ashamed!
For following me is what your true self desires.
Let go so that your hands are free,
To give me your trust and pick up your cross and choose to follow me,
For when you try to save this worldly life you will lose true life,
But if you pick up your cross and follow me,
You will die to your human desires and live forever in truth.



(Photo taken at Kynance cove, Cornwall by caru777)

I move my hand through the clear blue silky water, Not Cold, Not warm,
The water teases me with gentle tickles through my fingers,
And the hot sun that beats down on my bare shoulders also penetrates through the glistening sea to the squishy sand below. My feet delight in the feeling of the mushy sand between my toes.

Seconds of silence and calm.

And then, a ripple in the distance catches my eye,
And a growing energy breathes life into the water which is now forming a tangible crescendo.

The water looks alive. I think of the Living water and my heart smiles.

Closer and closer the wave approaches building and building until the mystical energy is released and the beautiful wave crashes into a messy blanket of foam, racing to be one with the dry salty sand.

I suddenly feel a deep longing and I move further into the salty depths.

I want to possess the waves, I want to feel their energy and keep it in my heart.
In anticipation I wait for the next wave to form and I throw out my hands to catch it but the water molecules slip through my fingers. I try again and again but each time the waves push me back.
I plead with the sea, “Please, I just want to keep you because I love you so much!”
But, The more I fight and plead the more the waves push past me. I feel abandoned and rejected.

In my weakness I surrender and fall into the water.

My fingers uncurl.

I let go.

I float looking up at the peaceful smiling sky. I don’t smile back. A tear escapes my eye and falls into the flow of dancing waves.

Beneath me a familiar energy starts to grow,

The waves no longer push me but carry me,

I am a part of this now,

I move with the sea,

I don’t fight but instead I trust the waves to guide me.

And as the crescendo comes to breaking point I crash with the waves and I feel alive like I too am one with the waves.

Gradually I am carried to the dry warm sand,

And as the sea retreats I let the waves go. I don’t cling on.

I wave good bye.

And I lay silently.

Now free.

After a while, I turn my head upwards,

And I smile back at the blue peaceful sky.

And although I don’t see it, the sun winks at me.

The marsh in pictures

Here are a few photos that I took this evening of the peaceful marsh in North Gower, Wales. So much beauty. So much light. I Love the reflection of the clouds in the water and the sunrays that reach out to touch me. I love the cloud that formed the shape of a cross above me and the glorious sunset that reddened the sky. Birds sing, sheep graze and horses gallop here and yet there is a beautiful quiet stillness.

God bless
Much Love,








The Marsh



I sit under the blissful evening sky,

I Close my eyes and invite the sleepy sun to gently kiss my face.

Breathing in the quiet stillness,

I pray.

Time passes unnoticed.

Then my heart is stirred by the most beautiful humble music, escaping its creator and joining me in prayer until it fades into the soft summer breeze.

My eyes are enticed open by dancing light crystals, born from the sun, shining through the trees and moving with the wind and the leaves.

I hear the rushing of soothing water from a near by stream, flowing free of worry, carrying an eternal secret.

I see clouds floating tranquilly above me, resting after a long day,
enhancing the infinite sky.

I see a horse from afar, lazily sunbathing on the dry grassy marsh. He looks at me as if he sees into my soul and in his alluring eyes I see a wild spirit with insightful wisdom.

I feel a connection here.

A familiar peaceful warmth engulfs me.

The eyes and ears of my heart are wide open.

Like a mirror reflecting the core of my reality.

And in everything,

I see God’s Echo!

God is everywhere!

God is here!

In us all,

On The marsh!

The fiery One

The fiery one


IMG_2735 (1)

Picture – Fiery one   –   By caru777

The fiery one

Let me be your guiding light.

Feel the timeless breath of life that I carry on my blazing wings.

I will descend upon you in flash to light up your soul for I am the fiery one.

I am like lightening. I will set your heart ablaze with the spirit of Yahweh.

I will enlighten you with truth if you have eyes to see.

Who are you?

I will show you.

I will flow through and through you but you cannot possess me.

For I am always moving.

I am always free.

I have been here from the beginning and here I will always be.


The fiery one.

Whizzing World



Living in a Whizzing world,

So busy, So much noise,

Over thinking,

Consciousness sinking,

Flooded with thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow,

Swamped in the commotion,

Getting caught up in the current of

The Must do this,  the must do thats,

The Don’t forget this,  the don’t forget thats,

You must think this way, you shouldn’t live like that,

It would be easy to join the conveyor belt,

Go with the flow,

Stay in the dream,

But I don’t fit in in there,

It feels empty,

Now that I’ve seen.

And everything’s getting blurry,

It’s harder to see You,

Where are You?

I can’t hear You?

Anxiety creeping

Heart rate increasing,

So fast that I stumble,

Oh please trip me up,

Take my feet from the floor

Or the floor from my feet,

Let me fall,

Because I know to where I’m falling,

I know right where I’ll land,

Enfolded in your arms,

At peace in the palm of your hands,

Out of my head and into my heart,

Into your heart,

No thinking, Just being,

And in your grasp,

I feel your light move through and through me,

I can see and it’s real,

I’m awake, I’m aware,

The mist that filled my eyes has cleared,

And Now,

I see through the whizziness,

You are with me in this busyness,

Although the world sometimes dazes me,

And the noisiness fazes me,

I know that you are here,

You are with me,

In the quietness of my childlike heart.


Fy Mabi bach


Fy Mabi bach

They’re waiting Fy Mabi, They’re waiting,

The people cry out in anguish,

I hear their wailing hearts,

Their sombre song fills the air,

A dark cloud of Sorrow,

They cry for you Fy Mabi,

Oh Fy Mabi bach,

If they only knew that you are here with me,

Me, And who am I to behold you?

My heart leaps each time I feel you move,

Protected inside my womb,

But Oh Fy Mabi, how can I protect you when you are more than life itself?

Elizabeth felt you Fy Mabi, I’ve never seen her look so mesmerised,

Will others feel the same?

Will they know that you are different?

Will they see it in your eyes?

Or in your smile?

Or in the way that you cry?

Will You know Fy Mabi?

Will You know that you are Him?

Will you know it from your first breath?

Oh Fy Mabi how I love you already,

I know that you can never belong to me Fy Mabi.

But I promise Fy Mabi, I’m yours, I belong to you.

And how I long to stop time Fy Mabi, to be in this moment with you forever.

But Fy Mabi Bach their waiting.

Fy Mabi their waiting.

Waiting Fy Mabi Iesu, for you.